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All our expert staff are committed, proactive, and adaptable. They utilise their previous entrepreneurial experience to launch and incubate your business.
With our knowledge of local languages, cultures, and business practices gained from firsthand overseas business experiences, we offer you the best possible support to promote your international business projects.
OIC takes advantage of its extensive global network across Asia and Europe to provide a comprehensive M&A advisory service, predominantly in cross-border transactions.
Utilising our experience in overseas business development, we offer an excellent translation service that will lead clients・businesses to success.
We offer our services in diverse business fields utilising our staff's expert knowledge in many areas.

March 11, 2011 became a huge turning point for OIC group, which has claimed to provide the services of business development professionals that help realizing management with high aspirations.
OIC group has always expressed our belief to those in and outside our company that a business should make an ultimate contribution to the society by creating employment, giving back various benefits to the whole society from the profits through its economic activities. As such, we have questioned, in particular, the validity of the business structure in Japan with its over-concentration of businesses in the metropolitan areas and kept on researching to find ways to contribute to the global development of local economies. The 3.11 earthquake and tsunami put all that to the test.
This disaster of an unprecedented scale caused great damage to the Tohoku region, where the economic and employment disparities with the metropolitan areas had already been expanding. All of us at OIC group considered this to be the group’s turning point and decided to devote as much of our resources as possible to disaster reconstruction and the development of local economies.
The following 4 companies are our new subsidiaries launched after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami as our group businesses or companies whose business development we have supported following the disaster.
We would like to accelerate the reconstruction process following the disaster and contribute as best we could to the rapid development of the region by passing on OIC group’s various resources to its subsidiaries including our human resources, connections, ideas, and know-how accumulated through our business activities.
Such is the determination of the entire OIC group and our great hopes for the future of the Tohoku region, and consequently for that of Japan.
We moved the head office from Tokyo to Sendai after the disaster to support Tohoku economically. OIC group, a listed production company in Tokyo that has been engaged in web production and project management, carved out and relocated part of its production to Tohoku, creating a production system to keep costs to a minimum while guaranteeing the quality.
It was established after the disaster to energize local economies by offering hands-on support for business development related to the recovery of affected areas, working on developing new businesses in Tohoku such as Sendai Yamarai Inc. and Tohoku International Film & Art Festival Association.
Chez Yamarai was established in 1900. It is a French restaurant with over a century of history, excellently located in the city of Hiroshima, on the top of Ebayama (Mount Eba).
You can enjoy authentic French dishes, relaxing in a lush green setting surrounded by trees. “Oyster varie,” which offers famous local oysters in 5 different flavors, has fans not only in Hiroshima but also nationwide as Yamarai’s specialty dish.
Bistro Yamarai is a bistro-style restaurant located in Aoba-ku Ichiban-cho in Sendai, with a pleasantly laid-back, casual atmosphere.
In hopes of contributing to the recovery of primary industries in Tohoku following the 3.11 disasters, Bistro Yamarai offers fresh seafood and a rich variety of foods in Tohoku based on the concept of local production for local consumption, bringing out their best flavor with French cooking techniques using Chez Yamarai’s recipes and know-how.