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New Business Development

We offer comprehensive support that includes business development, marketing, sales strategies, sales activities and organisational management. We not only create the business plan briefs and reports but proactively take the initiative to deliver the best result.
Market Research
- We offer specialist research services providing you with access to our staff's expertise.
- Our research services consider overseas examples utilising our overseas staff's knowledge and advice.
Overseas Business Development
- We develop robust business development strategies based on the market research results and our past experiences and achievements.
- We consult all our staff to incorporate different viewpoints and ensure a well-thought-out strategy is developed.
Sales/Marketing Support
- Our domestic staff members possess excellent negotiating, interpersonal skills and sales ability.
- Our staff members’ extensive connections enable a multifaceted sales/marketing approach.
Management Strategies/Operations
- We propose dynamic management strategies based on our experience in new business ventures.
- We are able to find the right person for the right position by utilising our domestic staff’s extensive connections.