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Management with High Aspirations
As the name stands, Overseas Investors Companies Inc. is a group of "Business development professionals" who sweep away national and cultural boundaries in the business world. OIC was created to support companies with high aspirations and turn them into international companies that contribute to the world. We achieve the full potential of client companies' financial, managerial, and personnel assets by investing them in businesses of the next generation.

We believe that "business" provides an ultimate contribution to the society by creating employment and the whole economy and society benefits from the profits it produces.
Therefore, expanding a business requires high aspirations and creating a business with high aspirations will contribute to local communities, peoples, cultures, nations and international society.
We are thriving to contribute to the society at the global level by supporting clients' never-changing corporate philosophy and ideals behind their economic activities.
Realising management with high aspirations: that is our business development philosophy.
Overseas Investors Companies Inc.
Mission Statement
- Support clients' never-changing corporate philosophy by supporting their aspirations
- Achieve the full potential of client companies' every asset by investing them in businesses of the next generation
- Promote regional/ethnic/cultural/international interactions by creating global companies
- Contribute to international society by supporting and developing client companies' economic activities