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Cross-boarder M&A Service

With our M&A service OIC not only offers a short-term solution for transactions, but also a comprehensive and coherent service in the client’s best interests. Our service ranges from identifying an opportunity or a party to a merger, acquisition or sale to undertaking negotiations regarding the agreement and management of the acquisition process. With an extensive experience in M&A business across Asia and Europe, our staff will promise you a successful cross-border transaction.
M&A Strategic Decisions
- Making and reviewing M&A strategic decisions.
- Providing financial advice necessary for acquisitions.
Company Selection
- Taking advantage of our extensive global network to select the most suitable companies.
- Preparation of the initial information sheet/nondisclosure agreement.
- Approaching the selected company in the most appropriate way.
Due-Diligence Support
- Planning and coordinating a due-diligence exercise.
- Preparing a due-diligence report and organising related documents.
- Valuation and calculation of total assets after M&A and reorganisation.
- Analysis and valuation of synergies resulting from the M&A.
- Progress management and implementation of the deal.
- Providing independent and objective advice for major decision making.
- Supporting or acting on behalf of the client to negotiate the price and other conditions.
Post-M&A Support
- Supporting the development of corporate/business strategies after M&A.
- Supporting the construction of a managerial infrastructure and a group management system.