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Business Field

We offer comprehensive support that includes business development,
marketing, sales strategies, sales activities and organisational management.
We not only create the business plan briefs and reports but proactively take the initiative to deliver the best result.
Management Strategies
- Management strategies/M&A/Accounting/IR/Recruitment
Sales Support
- Sales strategies/Sales activities utilising our extensive connections
Marketing Support
- Marketing strategies
- Advertisement production (Mass media/Web/Other media)
- PR (Media exposure/Publicity/Others)
- Internet (Server set-up/System development/Contents production/Payment service)
- Mobile
(Launching the carrier's official website/Server set-up/System development/Contents production/Payment service)
- System development (Server set-up/Software development)
- Image production (Long films/TV adverts/Short films)
- Music publications (Ticket stub management/Artists management)
- Publications (Planning/Editing/Project management/Production)
- Motorcar (Market research/Consulting)
- Product development (Product development/Marketing)
- Communication services (Communication infrastructure business consulting/Carrier business consulting)
- Payment services (Small amount payment/ECV payment/Payment system)
- Logistic services (Warehousing/Domestic service/Import/Export)
- Food services (Store development/Product planning)